IC- Consultant/ Resource Person For Capacity Development Of Public Officers In Republic Of Mauritius


Страна: Маврикий
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Дата публикации: 02-04-2018
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IC- Consultant/ Resource Person For Capacity Development Of Public Officers In Republic Of Mauritius
Procurement Process : Other
Office : UNDP Country Office - MAURITIUS
Deadline : 15-Apr-18
Posted on : 02-Apr-18
Development Area : SERVICES
Reference Number : 45232
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00102319 - Inclusive Development and Public Sector Efficiency
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Annex A - MCSAR Consultancy for Capacity Building for Public Officers
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Overview :

IC- Consultant/ Resource Person For Capacity Development Of Public Officers In Republic Of Mauritius

Project Background

Transforming Mauritius into a high-income economy by 2030 remains high on Government’s agenda. However, despite the fact that Mauritius has achieved significant progress in governance over the past two decades, the performance of the public sector has slowed or even reversed. Public sector modernisation and efficiency are reported to lag behind other upper-middle-income countries, hampering efforts to accelerate economic growth and inclusiveness. Several areas have been identified by the World Bank where the quality and equity of service delivery remains inadequate. Lack of continuity in implementation of bold reforms and a limited monitoring and evaluation culture, impeding effective planning, budgeting, continuous evaluation, accountability, public sector management practices and tracking of the performance of public institutions, are believed to be the main bottlenecks of the system. These challenges have been observed despite the fact that several innovative measures have recently been implemented. They include the setting up of an electronic learning system and a new platform for in-service training of public officers at the level of the Civil Service College, Mauritius. In line with the Public Sector Business Transformation Strategy, a new Capacity Building and Capability Development Programme has been worked out. Public Officers have been clustered into 5 levels so that specific training could be provided to each level of officers.

Government is fully aware of the importance of further reforms to ensure the success of the development agenda. The Government laid emphasis on service delivery stating that the public service should become efficient and creative and should focus on achieving national targets instead of focusing on routine administrative jobs only. In addition, the central theme of Budget 2017-18 revolved around a ‘rising to the challenge of our ambitions’ which focuses on public sector reform.

It is against this background that the UNDP Country Office has embarked on the project “Capacity Development of Public officers in Republic of Mauritius “under the pillar 1 of the UNDP Country Programme 2017-2020” Inclusive Development and Public Sector Efficiency” in collaboration with the Ministry of Civil Service and Administrative Reforms (MCSAR) and the Civil Service College, Mauritius (CSCM).

Scope of Work

Under the overall guidance of the Acting Head of the Socio-Economic Development Unit (SEDU), the Secretary for Public Service and the Director General of the CSCM, the Consultant/ Resource Person will be expected to undertake the following tasks-

  • Develop the course content on “Policy Formulation and Legislation Development including the end-to-end Policy Process” for Top Management level
  • Deliver a 5-day interactive workshop on the topic mentioned at (i) using practical examples

Deadline for Submission: 15 April 2018 on the UNDP jobs on https://jobs.undp.org/cj_view_jobs.cfm